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Gates of Heaven Series
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Praise for The Gates of Heaven Series

"If this first installment is any indication, The Gates of Heaven promises to be one of the best fantasy series to come along in quite some time. One of the signs of this potential is its ability to hook you into its world at page one and leave you saying, 'just one more page' or 'just one more chapter,' That has happened to me before with Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia, Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, and Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising. Now C. S. Lakin has done the same."

~ Jonathon Svendsen,

"Whether all those who read the tale will be capable of, first time round, appreciating the subtler aspects of the test is debatable, but the C. S. Lewis's The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe has, in similar fashion, attracted the musings of both young and old."

~ Lois Henderson,

"The Wolf of Tebron is a grand, sweeping tale of one man's journey to the truth and to rescue his true love. While I joined the dots fairly early on as to the wolf's true identity as well as what he represents in the story, it is carefully constructed to allow different readers to discover the connections at their own pace. This fanciful, whimsical, wild tale can truly inspire you to perseverance - highly recommended. My personal tip: watch this author, she's going places!"

~ Grace Bridges, Splashdown Reviews

"The use of imagery and strong metaphor is gripping. The reader's imagination is engaged and the plot is not predictable. Which is a good thing as we keep turning the pages to find out what is around the next corner."

~ Sharon Reviews

"Lakin's work is stylistically beautiful. The exotic locales are vivid, from dark north to burning desert to misty jungle: I found myself looking forward to each leg of Joran's journey just so I could experience another part of her story world."

~ Rachel Starr Thomson, author of The Seventh World Trilogy

"This book is filled with beautiful literary allegory and symbolism. I enjoyed the fairy tale world C.S. Lakin created for her characters to navigate."

~ Jill Williamson, author of Of Darkness Hid

"The Wolf of Tebron is a fine take on the fairy tale, highly recommended."

~ Midwest Book Review